Coins are important in Hay Day, make the best use of them

Hay Day is a very popular farming game created by the company called Supercell. It is also one of the first games which were designed specifically for mobile device users.

Armed with pleasant music, great graphics and with an overall relaxing atmosphere, this game has become one of the most played games on mobile phones ever. At first it was only released for iPhone holders (2012) but then with Android phones getting more and more successful in the competition the game also created its Android version. The game is based on the example of Farmville in many ways. Here too, you can connect with your Facebook friends, help in with their farm, trade in your goods with them and make some successful cooperation. But unlike Farmville where you need to have a large number of friends in order to be able to perform achievements, in Hay Day, it’s a little bit different

The Hay Day earning system:

This is what and how you can earn organically while playing the game.

When and how you earn coins:

You earn coins with the following actions:

  • Selling crops through your stalls
  • Selling crops through newspaper
  • Performing tasks and achievements  – have a given number of goods or products which you can then sell all in one for a larger amount of money

When and how you earn diamonds:

  • You get diamonds by leveling up
  • You get diamonds when you find one by accident on either your or on others’ farm
  • You perform tasks such as : connect with Facebook, watch a sponsored 1 minute movie and such
  • After reaching level 24 when you are also mining, you will get the chance to also find diamonds, next to gold and silver

How do hacks work?

They are proxy based scripts which only need an instant connection and they are ready to upload diamonds for you. There are many of these but a few sites are always much more trusted than the others. Check out some Hay Day forums or this Hay Day Hack: Hay Day Free Diamonds to gain a clearer insight on what is worth trying and which pages to avoid all in all.  You won’t need to download neither upload anywhere. These are dynamic pages and will need nothing more than internet in order for them to be able to connect to you and do the needful.


How to use Hay Day Hacks wisely

Only enter the amount of diamonds you definitely need to perform this or that or to make the desired expansion for you. Although most of these apps say that the guarantee invisibility, the sudden growth of diamonds to such a frantic measure could harm your game and your whole gaming experience altogether. Therefore be wise and play smartly. Don’t let the hacks take you too far away. Use hacks once or twice but never rely on them.  Naturally people don’t want to pay money for getting ahead in a game, but sometimes the best choice is rather to wait then to have a security hole in the game exploited too many times.