Review of Aqua Picross, for Mobile Phones

Aqua Picross is definitely one of those games that I am grateful to have downloaded for my mobile phone. I scooped it up off of Tmobiles game apps for under $4.00 or something low in that department.
For those new to Picross, you can first check out how the game works by doing a search right online for ‘play picross online’.

Basically Picross consists of a grid where you will find numbers at the top, and then the bottom of the grid. You have to solve the puzzle and figure out which boxes on the grid get X’ed out, and which boxes remain. If you manage to get through the puzzle a picture will be revealed in the box.

It sounds boring, and basically I guess in ways it is, but it is definitely a game worthy of downloading to your phone for those situations where you have absolutely nothing to do, such as hospital waits, family functions and so forth.

Aqua Picross consists of more than enough puzzles to last you a few months, depending on how often you play. In order to continue on to the next puzzle you have to solve the one before it. With each solved puzzle, you move on to a new one which will be a little more challenging than the last.

Each puzzle reveals a picture, the picture is not the greatest work of art you will come across, but it’s made up of boxes, so you get what the game is capable of delivering.


Graphics in Aqua Picross are very similar to those you would find in any other Picross game. You have a grid, there is really not much else to work with when it comes to this game. The puzzle pictures when solved are not that visually stunning either, but the game is more of a brain teaser like Sudoko, so you cannot expect any mind blowing visuals.


It’s a pretty good game, and if you already know and love Picross, Aqua Picross will be a fine addition to add to your game applications on your phone. It provides just as much fun as the Nintendo DS version of Picross, for way less than the asking price of that game.