Richman Online: Not Your Ordinary Online Game

As more and more games enter the gaming world, many of them follow the same format. Fantasy based role playing game, where you take the role of a certain character and fight either monsters or other players to get farther in the game. Games like World of Warcraft, Magic World, Lunia, Conquer Online follow this format. Even if the game promotes that it is a different genre it still follows the role playing game where you assume the identity of someone else. There is a game that entered it’s open beta phase on June 19th of this year. That game is Richman Online. What makes this game different than most is that it is a online multiplayer board game.
I know what you are thinking. Board games can get boring and you can easily play one of either yahoo games or msn games. But Richman Online is not your ordinary board game. Yes you get a board and you get to choose a character you want to play and it’s a turn by turn play style, but it’s not just that. You can create obstacles for your opponent and gain more points and capital and more throughout the game. It’s a lot of fun for people of all ages. Even young children can learn how to use logic and strategy with this game. The characters say funny little sayings throughout the games as well. It is developed by Softstar entertainment and published by Aeria Games. Softstar also developed Dream of Mirrors Online and Aeria Games published Last Chaos.

Richman Online is a free to play game. All you need to do is registar for a account, or if you already have one with Aeria games it will still work with Richman Online. Then you simply download the game. Downloading does take a while to download, but that seems typical of most online games such as this. When it comes time to install however it is really easy to install and doesn’t take very long. Once you have it installed and ready to play when you try to enter the game, it downloads the latest patch like most games do. The great thing about that is it already takes care of some bugs that may not have been updated on the download format.

As soon as the game starts to load it begins to play music. While it is load, it’s not really annoying and it does stop once you enter into the game. There are three characters you can be: Madame Meow, Mo Hammed, Tater Tot, Wei Kewl, Honest John, and Ninja Bob. What you do is you enter a server, on the newbie server is the tutorial. Then the other section is called Little League, it has two servers: Fortune and Glory. It seems like Fortune is more popular and has most of the players right now. Once in a room you find a game you want to play or start your own. You play with other people. In the tutorial it teaches you the basics of the game, but what I have found is that it doesn’t teach what all the cards you get can do or that each game board is different way of playing.

Richman Online is easy to play: it seems a little like a shorter version of Monopoly with a few things added in. It is a turn based game where you roll a die and your character moves based on the number. Depending on where you land you can get cards, points, or something special or bad. The cards you collect help you in the game. You can use them to cause obsticles for your opponant such as a land mine card or missle card. There are also cards where you can steal cards from the other players, choose how many spaces you move or cause your oppontent to move one space at a time or stay where they are. You can also audit them and take 10 percent of what they have. The idea of the game is to make you player lose all of their money like Monopoly. You can also build houses depending on the board you use. You can get cards buy either landing on them or by buying them if you land on a shop square.

The game is so much fun to play and one game can take any amount of time, but no longer than 10 minutes or so. There are different kinds of game you can play either battle, regular or boss. Each game is different from the other and has a different way to play. You can have the game be for two players, three or four players. You can also design it so that people would have to pay a certain amount of gold to get into the game (many of us just make it no cost to get in to be fair) and you can make a limit to the time a person takes to take their turn. Sometimes that’s helpful other times it’s a disadvantage. While your opponents only have a certain amount of time to do what they want, so do you so you need to act fast with whatever you want to do. Planning ahead is a great idea for this game. See where your opponents could go much like chess is a great way to play this game.

If you love board games and multiplayer online games then Richman Online could be the game for you. It’s a good way to meet new people as you play. It’s so much fun to play, but doesn’t seem to be as addictive as most multiplayer online role playing games can be. Check it out for yourself and see how much fun you can have playing Richman Online.