Yu Gi Oh Duel Links the card trading game

Online gaming and its features

In this modern world all the fields are developed that wise the game playing domain is also gets improved with high technical facility. Now many people use mobile phones in their day to day life and most of the people use mobile phone for entertaining purpose to play the online games. So the game developers create variety of games and introduce in the market for those people. Hence the users download that game and get a new experience by playing. One of the most interesting game is Yu Gi Oh Duel Links which was played by many users for free of cost. It is suitable for the device which provides internet connection such as iOS and android.

Special features of the yu gi oh duel links cheats

The specialty of each game is based on the different levels, environment, appearance of the player, points, method of playing etc. Yu Gi Oh duel links also have many levels which lead to be the game in number one position and it is played based on the player by using the cards only so that it is called as trading card game. It has 40 types of cards to play the entire game and each card is used for the certain purpose to obtain the high score in the game. It is a single player game and it has another mode like player vs player. The main specialty of that game is life of the player who takes a chance to play. The life of player is 4000. That means 4000 times the player can dead and get a new life to play continuously and due to high life of the player, he takes a more chance to get high scores. It is worldwide famous game.

Meaning of cards using in yu gi oh duel links

  • If the player complete the 1 to 6 level then they can get a block attack card
  • If the player cross level 7 then they got banner of courage card
  • After 11 levels they got a power to remove the trap card which used for destroying enemy monster.
  • Three ultra rare cards can get at the level 7 and 8 namely dark magician, blue eyes white dragon and red eyes black dragon.

The goal of the game is to make the monster stronger than the opponent team by attack enemy monster. Each dragon has its own attack value starts from 100. The simple rule used in the game is attack the monster of each player at every turn until the life points are reduced to 0. If any player life point is equal to 0 then the opponent player winning the game.

In this Yu Gi Oh Duel Links game also provides cards and gems at the card shop which provides 3 different card packs and each card pack contain 3 cards and you will by only when you are using your real world money with two types of purchasing. Those two ways are provide one pack for 50 gems and 10 packs for 100 gems. So the player wants to collect more trap cards then only they can easily win the game because the trap card is used for destruction the monster of opponent player. This idea will lead to increase the points of the player and get a victory in the effective manner.